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                        JULY 2017           




Dear Square dancers, 

The Rogue Squares began their first new schedule of dances June 16, 2017.Our guest caller was Scott Zinser 
and he was terrific. Not a big dance but oh my, we had a great time. Started with a Chili and Hot Dog potluck  and so many yummy dishes that lasted threw the evening. Elaine Funk rounded through out the evening with excellent cueing. Thank you Scott for making it a most enjoyable evening.

We are going dark in July so we can all support the Diamond Lake Festival, July 19, 22, 2017. If you have never been to this Festival you are missing a great time. Dancing under the stars and in the lake just can't beat it!

"Lets Raid The Garden & Have a Salad Bar Dance ," will be the theme of August 18, 2017. The guest caller will be Craig Abercrombie and our own Elaine Funk will be the cuer. Promises to be a real great dance, please mark the calendar and join us. 

Not to soon to get the word and invite friends, neighbors, relatives, doctors, mailmen, associates in stores, etc, etc, to our new classes stating September. We'll get banners and flyers out there to help spread the word. We need everyone to help in spreading the word and keeping this great activity going. 

Enjoy summer and Wonderful Oregon, 


         Dancing Feet Info : 

 Rogue Valley Square Dance Center. Hooray!!!. This is the line up for classes:

All Classes are held at 

Rogue Valley Square Dance Center

3377 Table Rock Rd Medford

 call for more information Carl 541-660-802



Rogue Squares 


  "we are dark for July "


Square dance Attire admired not required,




For further info, go to www.roguesquares.com or www.rvcaca.com for all other Rogue Valley

 square dance club calendar activities.


Just Get Up And Dance!

Carl Muck

Club President