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                January 2016           




Dear Square Dancers,

Another year has come and gone.  I hope you have made new 

friends and danced as much as you want. We have so many 

dances and two local  clubs. One in Grants Pass and one in Yreka. 

Our club is starting a new class on Adventures in Mainstream 

Jan. 16, 7:30 pm, Monday. We will continue with the Plus class at 6:00. these classes are held at the Rogue Valley Square Dance Hall.




         Dancing Feet Info : 

All Classes are held at 

Rogue Valley Square Dance Center

3737 Table Rock Rd Medford

 call for more information Frank 541-415-2389 

6:00 7:30 Plus Class 

You can still join if you know some Plus  

7:30-9:30 New Adventures in Mainstream starting Jan 1145th.

 Rogue Valley Square Dance Center. Hooray!!!. This is the line up for classes:

Sunday classes at the Rogue Valley Square Dance Center

3377 Table Rock Rd, Medford

1:30 A-2

3:00 A-1

4:30-5:00 Break for pot-luck

5:00-7:00 New Mainstream Class.

 call for more information Frank 541-415-2389 



Rogue Squares  Dances:

January 8th,  "New Year Brings New Beginnings"

 :  6:30 A-1 7:30pm pre-rounds; 8:00pm Plus

every third tip A/1.   Ray Holmes calls, 

Elaine Funk  Cues at RVSDC  

Square dance Attire admired not required,

Friday, January 15th "Pajamarama Dance"

                                   Caller Ray Holmes and Cuer Mary Nutt

7:30 pre-rounds 8:00 Mainstream/Plus.  

                                              Come in your favorite jamies.



For further info, go to www.roguesquares.com or www.rvcaca.com for all other Rogue Valley

 square dance club calendar activities.



Just Get Up And Dance!

Frank Mowery

Club President